Suicune's Rider

Since I’ve been wanting to do some doodles of Katherine, I decided to do this on the anniversary of Mary Katherine Joyce’s death, in remembrance of her. Daughter of William Joyce, she inspired the Guardians saga with her innocent questioning of myths and magic. It’s awful she had to be taken from us so soon…. Rest in Peace, and thank you for everything. <3<3<3

And now you can all see how little I can draw, yay.~ l3
I wanted to try a more…. 2D-animation-ish style? I love North’s big-brotherly relationship with her. And yeah idek about the poses of that other picture. I imagine Bunny and North might have to pick her up when they need to run fast because of her shorter legs, and I love how, despite her physical size, she still kicks ass. It was meant to look as if he were sliding from something but the motion got lost, oh well. And Katherine with the relic sword is one of my fave things.~ She and Bunny get along very well in the books, so I had to draw them being bros don’t judge me. I dont really like how i turned out, but I was under pressure at the time, so oh well.~